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Library User Guide: General

Library Environment

Rules and Regulations

  1. The Library & Learning Commons is exclusively for staff and students of Sunway College Johor Bahru.
  2. Membership cards are not transferable. Members who lend their Library Membership Cards to others will be issued a warning letter. If this is repeated, a fine of RM 25.00 will be imposed.
  3. Loss of Library Membership Cards / Student Cards should be reported to the Library & Learning Commons immediately. Failure to do so will lead to users being held responsible for loans made by others using their Library Membership Cards / Student Cards.
  4. All materials taken out of the Library & Learning Commons must be properly checked out at the Circulation Counter.
  5. Library & Learning Commons staff on duty reserves the right to check books, files and bags that are taken out of the premise.
  6. Playing cards or games, eating, littering, sleeping, seat-hogging and talking loudly and inappropriate behavior are strictly prohibited in the Library & Learning Commons.
  7. Foods, carbonated / sweetened drinks, helmets, umbrellas and raincoats are not allowed in the Library & Learning Commons.
  8. Mobile phones must be put on silent mode when in the Library & Learning Commons.
  9. Users must handle Library & Learning Commons materials with due care and consideration.
  10. Users will be held responsible for items that are damaged, mutilated or lost while on loan to them.
  11. Users who photocopy materials are fully responsible for any action contravening the COPYRIGHT ACT.
  12. Users are not allowed to remove Library & Learning Commons furniture and equipment from their original place.
  13. Any user, whose behavior may be deemed to be disturbing the peace in the Library & Learning Commons, may be asked to leave the premises.
  14. Violation of Library & Learning Commons Rules and Regulations can result in the following penalties being imposed on users:
  • Being asked to leave the Library & Learning Commons
  • Not being allowed to enter the Library & Learning Commons and use the facilities for a specified period of time
  • Having their borrowing eligibility suspended
  • Being referred to the Disciplinary Authorities of Sunway College Johor Bahru
  1. Academic staff preparing to go on study or sabbatical leave outside the country for the period of more than three months is required to return all materials borrowed from the Library & Learning Commons.
  2. Students who postpone, withdraw or have completed their studies must return all borrowed materials to the Library & Learning Commons.
  3. For members who fail to pay their fines or return Library & Learning Commons materials on leaving Sunway College Johor Bahru, the Library & Learning Commons reserves the right to deduct their fines and cost of materials deemed to be lost, from their Library & Learning Commons deposits or salaries.
  4. Theft of Library & Learning Commons materials:
  • Fines of RM 200.00
  • Suspension of membership for at least one month
  • Reported to Disciplinary Authorities of Sunway College Johor Bahru for further disciplinary action
  1. Fines are incurred on late returns (exclusive of Sunday and Public Holidays) of borrowed items, lost and damaged Library & Learning Commons materials. Fines are as follows:



Open shelf items

RM1.00 per day

Reference and Reserve collections

RM 0.20 per hour

All overdue items (for more than 30 days) from any collection will be considered lost

As per “lost items”



Materials from any collection reported as

lost or not returned to the Library & Learning

Commons within stipulated time stated above

Fine of RM 50.00 for loss of Library & 
Learning Commons items
- plus overdue fines
- plus actual cost of replacing the item (price of item,
  freight charges, etc.)



Damaged item

Actual cost of replacing items
- plus RM10.00 processing charges 

Loss of Library & Learning Commons items supported with a police report


Mutilation of Library & Learning Commons materials

Fine of RM 100.00 
-    plus actual cost of replacing the item (price of item, 
freight charges, etc.)
-    plus RM 50.00 processing fee


Members must clear Library & Learning Commons fines as and when they are incurred, failure to do so may result in the temporary suspension of their loan privileges.


                                                 (Updated on 3 January 2019)

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All new students (excluding ACCA students) receive automatic library membership. They may start borrowing library materials immediately upon receiving their student ID cards. Students from ACCA programme can apply for library membership with a valid deposit receipt.

NOTE : There are different borrowing privileges for various collections. For details of borrowing privileges please refer to Loan Eligibility.

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